Jiffy Lines Adjust in a Jiffy!!!

Jiffy Lines are Super Fast and Easy to adjust Sand Volleyball Court Boundary Lines
that NEVER have any Slop!

Quickly and Easily go from Big Court to Doubles Short Court (and vice versa) in a Jiffy!


Made of all High Quality Material!

It's Super Fast and Super Easy to adjust Jiffy Lines!
18 meters x 9 meters for Big Court
& 16 meters x 8 meters for Short Court
(We use anti-stretch material but no matter what is used, their is stretch.  Therefore we experimented and figured out the amount of stretch that takes place with a reasonable amount of bungee tension.  We make our lines so that the dimensions are as accurate as possible when they are connected to the bungees.)

We use proprietary materials to make "Jiffy Lines".
Advantages of these materials are:

- Water Proof
- UV Resistant
- Mildew Resistant
- Stretch Resistant

Disadvantages of other boundary lines:
 - get Saturated with water
- Mildew & Rot
- Excessive Stretch
Excessive stretching causes multiple problems such as:
 - the court sizes constantly change and end up being the wrong dimensions.
(which causes league players to get upset because the court size is wrong)
- the boundary lines become loose and sloppy.
- the boundary lines eventually pull completely apart.

Other benefits of Jiffy Lines
- Jiffy Lines are always neat and straight and never have excess line hanging over like other lines do.
- Jiffy Lines will not disassemble, which prevents lines from getting twisted out of alignment with each other.
-Jiffy Lines come in multiple colors.

Red, Blue,
or Black
(other colors can be specially ordered)

for ONLY $13
get a complete set of
(made with HIGH QUALITY BUNGEE and also comes with mounting spikes)
They make it quick and easy to have perfect tension
and to also get your court aligned perfect.
PLUS you won't need another set of bungees when adjusting from big court to doubles short court!